Hi, I’m Nikita Stroganov

I have worked at two different marketing agencies based in the UK, managing over 50 clients in various of industries such as; Independent Schools across England, Rugby Clubs, Football Clubs, US Giant Tech Firms (SAGE and Nutanix) and various of local councils in the UK.

I have also been freelancing since Summer 2019 helping start ups and SME’s to succeed in the digital world to gain new leads and customers to their products/services at low costs to maintain a high Return On Investment (ROI)

I love seeing new business’ succeed, so this is why I have decided to offer my services as a freelancer to avoid the big agency fee and making marketing affordable for businesses!

I am Google Ads Certified for Display and Search and also hold Facebook Blueprint Certificates.

If you would like to found out more or have a chat please do not hesitate to get in touch with me!

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