Marketing in the time of Coronavirus

I have put together some information which you might find useful when thinking about your marketing communications this month due to the Covid-19. 

  1. Do you need to communicate any important news with your customers? Think about the best and most effective way of doing this – email newsletters are probably going to be the most direct approach so save that for really important news and paid social posts to reach out to new potential customers who maybe seeking your product/service.
  2. Be honest, compassionate and vulnerable. We’re all in this together. 
  3. Consider how customers moving to shopping online will affect your business. 
  4. How can customers support your business? Tell people how this is affecting your business and ask them to support you, if you feel comfortable doing that.
  5. Do you sell gift vouchers? Now is a great time to start, if you don’t already! Consider digital gift vouchers which means you don’t need to worry about posting anything out in the mail.
  6. How are you supporting other businesses, your staff and the community? People want ideas of how they can be useful, so share these stories. 
  7. Think about what’s on your website. Do you need to update the homepage with service disruptions or even to reassure customers that orders are still shipping?
  8. Do you need to update (or create) FAQ around Coronavirus and how your business is dealing with it?
  9. What do your customers need from you right now? Reassurance, facts, community, entertainment or distraction? All of these types of content are valid and important, so do what feels right for you and your business. 

#StayHome #SaveLives

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